Creating a Clean Beauty Kit

In honor of Earth Day, we’re showing you how to create a clean beauty kit. So, what constitutes a cruelty-free or clean beauty product? For starters, you can look for that super cute bunny that signifies that the brand or product is in accordance with PETA’s cruelty-free practices which translate to no animal testing and not using any animal parts in the product. Next, dive a bit deeper to gauge what toxic ingredients to avoid when shopping for clean beauty products. Here are our top three dirty ingredient to steer clear of:

  1. Parabens. Perservatives that disrupt hormones and have been linked to great cancer.

  2. Talc. Used in dusting or setting powders and linked to ovarian cancer.

  3. Oxybenzone. Used in sunscreens or products with SPF and shown to be a hormone disrupter.

Now that we got the nasty stuff out of the way, let’s focus on clean products worth investing in as you update your kit. Below are our top picks for each category. As you spring clean and take stock of what’s needed for your kit, we hope you’ll give these green options a go. 

Skin Prep

  • face oil- Biossance 

  • moisturizer- Graydon super sensitive skin stuff

  • primer- the Ordinary

Foundation/ Base

  • tinted moisturizer - Suntegrity

  • foundation - Kjaer Weis

  • concealer - RMS Beauty

  • setting powder - Bare Minerals Mineral Veil


  • bronzer- Tarte

  • highlighter  - RMS illuminizer

  • cream blushes Kosas

  • powder blushes - Jane Iredale


  • mascara  - Juice Beauty

  • eyeliner - La Bella Donna

  • eyeshadow - Lilah B

  • brow pencils - BeautyCounter


  • Ilia

  • Bite Beauty

If you’re interested in more clean beauty recommendations, check out our Clean Beauty Skincare script here

Greta Eagan