When you're slammed, here's how to #scriptit (efficiency edition).

Let’s be real. When you’re in the heat of a 13 person bridal party, it can be hard to keep on schedule, much less find a spare moment to write your client a Beauty Script during a big production day. As a MUA, I know this first hand, so after years of this dilemma, and by corroborating with other Bx Pros, I’ve compiled some advice for how to both stay on schedule and when to slip the script.

  1. Document and follow up. I developed a technique that allows you to quickly document the products you want to recommend, along with all of the important contact information too, without taking away any time from your production schedule.

    1. While you’re working, give your client your phone and ask them to enter their contact (number or email).

    2. Write a quick note so you can remember who everyone is later (it quickly becomes a blur!).

    3. Take a screen shot of the contact with notes.

    4. Turn over all of the product you want to send them in a script and take a photo. This allows you to see the shades and details.

    5. After the event, the following day or week when you access your photos later, you’ll see a shot of the contact, followed by the products you want to recommend.

    6. Now craft and send your script!!

  2. Bring an assistant to keep your team on schedule and have them write scripts. Having someone not doing makeup and purely dedicated to logistics (ie, making sure clients are present and ready for their time slot, keeping tabs on the general schedule) not only allows your MUA to work efficiently, it also makes your wedding planner or producer’s life alot easier (read: more referrals). So when to slip the script? Train your assistant on how to write beauty scripts and have them be in charge of writing scripts while artists are at work.

Greta Eagan