Bx Tips for the Long-Weekend Long-Haul

Labor day...while others are cashing in on a day of relaxation, there will be no rest for the MUA! If your weekend involves non-stop bookings here are some Bx Tips for the long-weekend long-haul.

1. Bring a small cooler with juice and water. I like fresh pressed juices that pack a lot of nutrients to get you through the day and are easy to sip while you work so you don't have to take time to eat.

2. Alternate your shoes. If you where one pair of preferably flat or platform shoes, the next choose a different pair. Changing your shoes really does make a difference because each shoe holds your foot differently and will provide relief from pressure points you may not have even noticed.

3. Clean as you go. Use anti-bacterial face wipes to clean your brushes as you go to stay on top of your brush care and flow straight into the next makeup application.

Greta Eagan