Welcome to Bx

Welcome to Beauty Scripts! We’re so excited to have you onboard. You and your expertise are incredible and we want you to get paid for all the generous advice you dole out to your clients, friends, and family. Follow along on this quick tour of Bx and we’ll have you well on your way to creating some additional passive income while deepening your relationships.

Icon Education

  • Bx is your home button and will always lead you back to the landing page/ screen

  • + is how you create a new script

  • the hamburger icon expands to give you access to your Profile, Settings, Help, T&C, and Logout

  • Search on the home screen lets you quickly search our entire product database to find a product and add to a script

If you have any questions (or suggestions!) get in touch with us at pro@beautyscripts.com

Your success is our success. 

Greta Eagan