Going Public

Did you know you can share scripts publicly? It’s super easy and incredibly effective at reaching a wider audience - which means more commissions. πŸ™Œ Turn your Instagram link into a store of sorts by sharing a public script with your product recommendations. Follow these simple steps and start sharing.

  1. Select the β€˜+’ icon to create a new script.

  2. Add a script title. Choose something catchy & descriptive, like: Fail Proof Products for Fashion Week

  3. Add products, including product instructions. 

  4. Use the check mark to save your script and then select the β€˜Share’ icon and choose URL to get the link for your script. 

  5. Insert the link in your various social media profiles (Instagram, Twitter, etc) and share on FaceBook and your blog or website to share the script publicly. 

  6. Update with new public scripts as the seasons and trends change.

Greta Eagan