Payouts Please

Getting paid with Beauty Scripts is easy. Simply connect your PayPal account email in ‘Settings’ and you’ll get paid on the regular. 💴👌

Payouts are made every two weeks on account balances that have reached $50 or more. You can easily see where you’re at with your payouts by checking your ‘Analytics.’ You’ll see which scripts converted to sales and what products are your best performers. 

There may be a delay in your commission earnings as we wait for the product sales to clear. Once we get the go ahead, we’ll pass that mullah on to you.

Creating this passive income stream by leveraging your advice to better care for your clients is the reason why I created Beauty Scripts. I’d love to hear from you about your experience using Bx and how it’s changing the way you work. Please leave a comment below with your stories and suggestions.

Greta Eagan