Share the Love

Once you’ve created your script (see The Skinny on Your First Script) sharing it is easy. Follow these two steps to ensure you put your best script forward.

  1. Preview your script before you send it. Select the ‘Edit’ pencil icon to preview your script and make any changes to your note, product instructions, or products. 

  2. Select the ‘Share’ icon to share your script via email, sms, or url. Follow the prompts to either add your client’s email or mobile number. You can also copy the url link to share within an existing text thread or email you have with your client. 

Pro Tip: Copy and paste the url link in your browser to preview exactly what your client will see before you send your script. If you didn’t have a chance, don’t worry- you can always go back into ‘Edit’ the script and the changes will be reflected live in the script your client views. 

Greta Eagan