The Skinny on Your First Script

Welcome to the Beauty Scripts family! Now you can recommend products and deepen the relationships with your clients while earning a commission on product sales. It all starts with a beauty script. Follow our step by step guide to create a personalized script today.

  1. Click or tap on the + icon to start a new script.

  2. Add a script title.

  3. Add a script note. Think of it as the body of an email. Here’s your chance to share a personalized message with your client. 

  4. Select ‘Add Product’ to begin adding product to your script. You can search our entire library of products, or toggle to ‘Your Products’ to easily see those you’ve recently used.

  5. Add a little extra something special by including ‘instructions’ for each product by selecting the ‘+ Instructions’ button to give personalized product advice. 

  6. Choose the check mark icon to save your script and send now or later.

Greta Eagan