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What is Beauty Scripts (Bx)?

Beauty Scripts is a monetization tool and recommendation platform for beauty professionals.

With access to hundreds or brands and thousands of products, you can ‘prescribe’ products to clients, friends, and family and earn a commission without stocking inventory. It’s like having a store in your pocket.


Home Screen

Once you log in to Bx you’ll see your home screen which displays ‘Trending Now’ products that are currently being recommended by other pros within the Bx community. It’s a great way to discover new products and stay up on trends. You’ll also see a section called ‘My Top Products’ which shows your top ten most scripted products, making it easy for you to quickly add a product to a script.



Beauty Scripts gives you access to thousands of products. Simply use the Search bar to find products you’d like to recommend. All Bx products are linked to our third party retailers and results reflect the most up to date pricing and availability.

We’re adding more brands and retailers all the time, so if you don’t see the product you want, drop us a line, and check back soon. In the meantime, script a similar product so you can still earn from the sale.



Playing off the doctor’s Rx pad, Scripts are where you add products plus instructions on how you suggest the products be used. Think of Scripts as similar to ‘Boards’ from Pinterest, and instead of pinning pics, you’re saving products in an organized way to easily share later.

You can create individual Scripts to share privately. You can also create public Scripts to share openly through social media.

Within Bx, you will see the dashboard version of Scripts which you can edit and then share with your clients, friends, family, and online audiences. You have an unlimited number of Scripts.

To preview a Script before sharing, simply tap the ‘Share’ icon and select URL, and ‘Copy Link.’ Paste the URL into your browser and you will see the forward facing Script. Return to ‘Edit Script’ to make changes before sharing.


Your Profile

Find all of the Scripts you’ve created under your Profile. You can easily manage your Scripts from here including editing, deleting, and creating new Scripts.

You’ll also see your profile picture, social links, and your basic bio under Profile. When you share a Script your Profile information is also shared. It’s part of your brand and a reflection of who you are.



The ‘hamburger’ symbol allows you to expand the menu and select ‘Analytics.’ Here you can see your earnings, what products are your top performing products, and any balance due to you for the next payout. Payouts are made every two weeks on balances greater than $50.


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